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I have a problem with my Pioneer 16x DVD-ROM, it freezes my computer to a black screen when installing applications and games, but it works flawlessly when viewing movies or extracting audio to mp3. In order for me to install let’s say Office 2k I need to go into the Device Manager and disable DMA for the drive, after that I can install it without any lockups, then I have to enable DMA to view movies or extract audio at higher speeds. I have pondered for some time with this problem but it is beyond me. So, does anyone have a clue as to what can be causing this? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


Abit KT7A RAID (not using RAID)
ASUS Geforce 2 MX
Pioneer 16x DVD-ROM (Master on the secondary IDE controller)
Sound Blaster Live
512 MB PC133
Windows 98SE
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  1. I have a similar setup to yours, but my problem is a little worse. When I install the DVD, my computer reboots in the final stages of windows '98 bootup. As soon as I remove the DVD, the system fails to boot several times before I can get it back up in safe mode. Did you have this problem installing your DVD-ROM?? My system is as follows:

    Pioneer DVD-116
    Asus GeForce2 MX V7100T
    Abit KT7A
    turtle beach fiji
    yamaha cdrw 4416 scsi w/ adaptec 2910

  2. No I didn't have such problems, my only problem is that when DMA is enabled for the drive, I can not install applications, or games without the computer locking up on me......
  3. have the latest drivers from VIA? not sure if this will help but it solved some of my probs.

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