AMD FX-8150 Black Edition vs Intel i7 3770

Just as the title says, which is the better processer? I plan on building a PC, and I want to know which CPU is better games like Crysis and why it is better. Thank you in advance.
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  1. i7 all the way, if you can afford it.
  2. ^^Definitely go with the I7^^
  3. The i7 is going to give you better performance in pretty much every application, but it all depends on how much you want to spend. The i7 will be significantly more expensive than the 8150.
  4. For gaming, you're wasting money buying an i7. Buy an i5 2500K or 3570K and you'll be perfectly happy with an extra $100 bucks in your pocket. NO GAME on the market now nor likely EVER will be able to use the HyperThreading feature which the i7 has over the i5.
  5. Quote:
    watch out for this thread, it could get heated with AMD die-hards....

    Gawsh, I hope that comment wasn't for me, *sigh* people really don't know me as well as they should.
  6. I DID TOO!!!!
  7. Well you know me, I don't like Intel as a company, but I'll call the shots as I see em on the merits of the product. If they guy was saying "should i get an 8120 or a 3570K for Crysis 2", I'd say overclock the 8120 and get that, and follow with the usual disclaimers about most games being GPU limited. Then we'd have a feud on our hands I suppose. But in this case, clearly the OP has the budget for the i7, its more a question of, does he need that much power for the money?
  8. i should be quiet but to be honest im perfectly happy with my 1090t .. obviously the real difference is what kind of video card your packing .. when it comes down to it .. processor is important.. though .. id rather have a super high end card or a pair of them vs a good processor and lessor video card it all comes down to how much your willing to spend really .. 7870s in cross fire offer the best bang for the buck but then again having 6870s in crossfire .. well they make for a 300 dollar monster if you get them at the right price..
  9. I would definitely go with the I7. It will pretty much beat the Bulldozer in almost all programs. It will game fine and take on heavily threaded programs.
  10. Get an i5 and invest that extra money by not buying the i7 into getting a better GPU. GPU matters the most in gaming.
  11. the bulldozer amd fx 8150 or amd fx 8150 is definitely not for gaming because they are very slow in single threded performance . i advise you to get i5 3570k it is the best choice for gaming man the bulldozer is just multithreded cpu and is just ahuge fail in gaming look at this benches between i5 2500k and amd fx 8150 :
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