Why can\'t i download anything in win7? what could cause this?

Don't know what happened but for some reason can't download anything.Went to microsoft for help & say need to download "fix it",well if download doesn't work,sure makes it hard to use it.Any help would be most appreciated,use win7.
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  1. it would help if you explained your problem
  2. you nmay be just a user without download priveledges or your browsers security may not allow it. Have you been able to download in the past? Try logging in as administrator.

    also below the Fix IT section are the instructions to do it manually.
  3. Yes never had any problems with downloading until nephew downloaded some stuff off aCD.Don't think were infected w/virus.But since then haven't been able to figure-out what might be wrong or how to go about fixing it.Check some files,even removed Adobe & tried to re-install,no go.Is frustrating to say the least.
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