Are there any 9800 GTX+ cards out there I can SLI with?

I've got an EVGA 9800GTX+ ( and am finding it hard to believe that nobody out there has any more 9800GTX+ cards for sale that I can SLI with. Did I completely miss the boat and I've gotta buy into a new line of cards, or is there something I'm missing? Why did they stop making this line?

It's a great card (obvious), but I've noticed it slipping a bit with Skyrim, so I was hoping to pick up another card to SLI with.

If the 9800GTX+ is dead, whats the 'new' card that seems relatively future-proof (4 years or so)

I'm only concerned with Nvidia cards. I'm a card racist.
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  1. You might be able to SLi it with a 512MB GTS250.
  2. A 9800GTX+ to SLI with shouldn't be hard to find on Ebay.
    Beyond that I wouldn't say any card is 4 years worth of future proof. Just buy something that is adequate and a good deal for the money and repeat as necessary. Best value for the money right now in general is the HD6870 for $160 but with your card racism I'd direct you a tier higher for the GTX 560 Ti. I would get this while it is still on sale(ie today);
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