GPU Over-Heating?

Hey, I just wanted some advice, So I've been playing BF3 on Medium to High and games been working fine with 30 - 40 fps. But now I'm having a BIG, BIG, BIG PROBLEM!!
Now when I play the game just shuts-down in the middle of a match. But the game is still working when I open Task Manager, I'm also getting these little white bits scattered round my screen, and my suspicions are telling me my GPU is either Over Heating/ed.
Any Idea how I can stop this from happening???????

(And I don't want an answer saying "Get a NEW GPU"...and so on).
Yes I know I need a new GPU but I'm only gonna get a GPU which is compatible with a 350w PSU and under.

System Spec's:

Dell Studio XPS 8100.

RAM: 6.00GB
CPU: Intel Core i7 860 64bit
PSU: 350w
DRIVER: nVIDIA 290.53 64bit (Latest Driver out for BF3 and other games)

(Any other Information needed please reply)
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  1. And I'm not really planning on buying new GPU.
  2. there might be dust on the gpu heatsink... clean it
  3. ok, Ill check that.
  4. try this out..
    best game to troubleshoot wud be Batman:AC
    download EVGA precision and install and minimize to run in memory

    run the game.. BB3 would do the work too.. run the game and minimize the game and check ur graphic temp and fan speed. if its goin beyond 70-75 degree cel. manually force the fan to run in full speed... ( it would make noise of course)
    either way remove ur card and clean off any dust from the duct..

    but I can understand.. Core i7 and 240 GPU. u Indeed giving bottleneck to ur GPU. also 350W is not recommended as i know..
    GTX560 Ti and 500W supply would be the best bet for your Core i7..
  5. No problem in ur gpu , ur problem is out of power study Power supply referance,saving,consuption in toms homepage 550w or above power supply ur system wanted so at the time of oc and play not give sufficient power to graphics card then overheat in 15 to 30 minutes to prevent more damage system shutdown or game stuck graphics card stop oc or gaming.
  6. hitechgowthaman said:
    not give sufficient power to graphics card then overheat .

    lack of power doesn't cause the gpu to overheat....

    edit and that thing is a pre-assembled DELL, the psu will be big enough when running stock components
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