What do you thing of this Gaming build?

Hi Everyone,

Will be building a pc mainly for gaming and moderate computing in about 6 months. I know that it will be a long time but nothing wrong in planning, right? Budget is $1700. Tell me what you think. Open for all kind of suggestions. Do not want AMD processors

Motherboard - Asus P8Z68-V-PRO-GEN3 OR Asus P8Z68-V-GEN3
Processor - Intel Core i5-2500K, Tray/OEM edition (Looking out for Ivy Bridge processors)
CPU Cooler - Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus OR Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo
Memory - Corsair Vengeance, (2 x 4 GB), Dual Channel, DDR3, 1600MHz (or should I use Hyper X or G Skill)
HDD - Currently have a 1TB SATA 3 GB/s Will get a 2 TB when the prices drop (not included in this budget)
SSD - plan to get a 120 GB SATA 6 GB/s later when i've more money (not included in this budget)
GPU - EVGA 012-P3-1570-AR GeForce GTX 570 OR (How NVidia Kepler chipsets going to be)
PSU - Corsair Enthusiast TX750M OR Corsair Professional HX750
Case - Cooler Master Cosmos S OR Cooler Master HAF X OR HAF 932
Display - 21 or 24 inch, LED back lit. (LG or Samsung preferred) (included in budget) - around $200
Headset - Any good one in the price range $40-60
Keyboard - Microsoft Sidewinder X4 OR X6 OR Logitech G110 Black USB Wired
Mouse - Logitech G9x Laser Mouse OR Corsair The Vengeance M90
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  1. don't double post :non:
  2. Your looking ok.

    I have a similar build. I opted for the the pro version of the mobo because i needed firewire, if you don't need it then go for the V version.

    The 2500k will do its job well. I have used an corsair hydro H60 to cool my 2500k and managed to auto-overclock using the mobos bios program to 4.6 ghz. I'm definitely sure you can do the same with the Hyper 212 but believe me your computer will run almost silent while your temperatures will never go above 30 degrees celsius on the hydro series coolers.

    Your 1TB is absolutely fine it depends on how much space you need, but i suggest you do opt for an SSD. Honestly i my self will never use a HDD again. I have an 120gb ocz vertex 3 but you can still go for a slightly cheaper crucial m4 or ocz agility 3. They all perform almost the same. (Btw i only fitted a 120gb ssd on my build due to my budget i put of the HDD of for a while and i'm glad i did that).

    GTX 570 is good, i would wait until the new chipsets as the always cost more and the prices on current cards have dropped quite some much. Check tomshardware monthly Best Graphics Card article.

    PSU is sufficient.

    CASES are somewhat bigger that what you need but its your choice. Maybe you will add more hardware in the feature.

    Display is your preference there many option around.

    AS is the keybord and mouse though you might wanna try a mechanical keybord.
  3. If you not going to SLI you should get a weaker PSU. There's too much wattage for only that card.

    (750W delivered through 12v rails is good up to GTX 560Ti sli)
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