Upgrading PSU.

My mobo says it has:

One 24-pin ATX power connector
One 4-pin ATX power connector

Can I use this power supply?

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    Yes should work fine has a 20+4pin and a 4+4pin (you may have to seperate the 4+4 pin but thats where your 4pin will be).. Also may a recommend another alternative if you would like one with a 4 year warranty for around the same price seasonic has done me great with this exact same power supply and is currently on sale:

    My apologies comes with 5 year warranty.. I have heard antec is good though so its up to you! but would definetly look into the seasonic as it comes with the warranty for free and antec's doesnt
  2. my apologies again the antec does come with a limited 3 year warranty! just saw the 9.99 for the one year warranty underneath it. so really its up to you both are very similar and decent brands. my apologies for the mis-information
  3. The Seasonic that dmfree88 suggested would be a better choice because it is modular; you plug in just the cables that you need. This makes for a better air flow inside the case.

    Go with dmfree88's suggestion. Good price too!
  4. The NeoEco is a seasonic S12II based unit with a little reduced quality but still very good. The S12II is the OG one. Both are excellent units.
  5. Thanks for the help guys. I am figuring that 520 should be fine for a GTX 460 or 560 with an AMD tri core. I looked around and it seems it should do the job. It also comes with the required connectors.
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