New Build shuts down and won't start back up

Hi all

I built my first desktop about a week ago. Everything ran absolutely fine until tonight when, while under moderate load, just turned off without warning. Wouldn't turn on again. I left it for a bit, came back, tried it again. Turned on for about a second (fans, lights etc) then turned off again and remained off. I opened the case, noticed no 'component burn' smell, unplugged everything, left it all again for about half an hour, came back and it done the same thing. Googling did not provide any clear courses of action even though there were a couple of threads here and there about pc shutdown.

Heres what Im running:

Gigabyte GA-Z68XP-UD3R
i5 2500k
1x GTX560 (not ti)
2x G.Skill 4GB ddr3 in dual config
Seagate Barracuda 7200 1TB
CoolerMaster extreme power plus 600w
Windows 7 64bit

note at the time this happened, the system had not been oc'ed - yet.
CoreTemp showed CPU temp never went above 55C
googling the problem pointed to mobo or psu issues.

Any help would be awesome as I hate looking at this dead thing in front of me.

Will update status soon.

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  1. could be a power supply miracle as u said it simple doesnt turn on.
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    From your component list, my first suspect would be the CM PSU.

    Work systematically through our standard checklist and troubleshooting thread:
    I mean work through, not just read over it. We spent a lot of time on this. It should find most of the problems.
  3. Well, based on that helpful guide, the video card is in trouble. System is running fine at the moment without it plugged in. Its using the onboard intel graphics. Once I turn the machine off and put the 6pin connector in the card, problem starts again. Is the card ruined and if so, what can I do to avoid a similar prob in the future? (card is covered by warranty yay!)
  4. found this on the web, which is the exact game I was playing at the time of failure.
  5. Very strange thing but let me tell you something, if and once you press the power button nothing happens this is without a chance a PSU malfunction. if you could open it and see its semi-conductors are intact and look for any melting - burning signs.
  6. Sounds like a PSU problem...People here love there very shotty psu's...every build thread someone always has a bad psu. Its amazing.

    My guess is even though your psu is 600watts which should support your setup just fine, something tells me when your plug in your gpu its not able to handle it. Or, theres a bigger problem like people have mentioned as far as burning/malfunction goes.

    I'd send it back and trade for a new company, Be sure to get a XFX/Antec/Silverstone/Corsair psu next time.
  7. It really shouldn't matter what game you are playing at the time of this issue. The only way you can diagnose this, is to try another power supply and see what happens. Failing that, the rest of the core components.... Try half the ram, see if it boots. Remove the sticks, try the other half, see what happens. Very rare the CPU is the issue....Unless it was installed incorrectly and overheated and ....well died.

    You could re-seat the video card.... But the symptoms of that issue aren't there...
    I had the very same problem with a build for my mom. Worked fine for like 3 days, and then just wouldn't turn on the next morning. No warning whatsoever... Changed to a better PSU, same issue with the fans trying desperately to spin. I ended up RMA'ing the motherboard. I was concerned about the case it came with as well, so replaced it.... (as I figured it could of shorted the board since it was so close to the case bottom panel)

    After that, ran like a dream. She continues to use it with no problems.

    That is the worst case scenario, Bad power supply and or Motherboard. (assuming all the cabling is plugged in correctly)
  8. Tried the psu in two other pcs, was fine. Disconnected everything except cpu and fan. Gave the correct sequence of beeps according to mobo manual. Put in one stick of ram, then two, fine. With everything else except graphic card re-installed, it posted and booted windows no prob. HOWEVER once the graphic card is in, starts up then dies after a second-ish.

    This leads me to conclude something went wrong with the graphic card/somehow fried itself, as according to the troubleshoot guide posted above.

    Crap and its only a week old too.

    And I could get a better psu too
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