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Skyrim flashes with crossfire?

I recently bought a second 6770 to crossfire with my other, and while crossfire is running, I have some problems with skyrim. It's not so much of a performance problem though, it's just that when crossfire is enabled my characters face in 3rd person flashes (light and darkish versions) and when i press escape, (pause) It flashes yellow and then back to normal really fast. (I can make out what the main menu is and save/load etc.) I have all the latest drivers and nothing has helped. Does anyone know a fix for this?
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  1. Do you install the crossfire configuration correctly and give the two cards at at least 8x/8x?
  2. Yes I did, and I believe I'm running 16x/x8, or x8/x8
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    Try 12.1 Drivers and come back?
  4. I will, thanks
  5. It worked! Thank you so much!
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