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Hello everyone
I have a problems with my computer everytime i start gaming or work with windows movie maker my graphic cards fan goes up to 100% and after 5 minutes of working or gaming my screen goes black i have gateway computer i put it into a coolermaster case i have a gtx 460 and a 600w psu.
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  1. there might be dust in the heatsink, or the heatsink is loose and not making a proper connection to the gpu chip...
    If it is loose, the thermal paste has already cured because of the heat, so you need to take it apart, remove/clean the old paste from the chip and bottom of the sink, apply some new paste and screw it back on...
  2. ok ill try that thank you
  3. What is the make/model of your PSU?

    Which coolermaster case did you get?

    I agree with kari, it's probably dust or thermal paste.Just to give us a better idea download HWMonitor and post back what your GPU temps are at load and idle.
  4. As mentioned, download this:

    You can check your card's temps with it. If it's getting up to 98 - 100 degrees C that's the issue. Blow out the cards heat sink, and if necessary, reapply thermal compound.
  5. purple stank said:
    What is the make/model of your PSU?

    Which coolermaster case did you get?

    the model of the psu is corsair cx 600 and the coolermaster case is the haf 932 advanced
  6. here is the picture while my pc is idling

    and here is the picture when my pc i loading
  7. ^^yep it's overheating, 99c is way too hot
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