Intel 3770k Ram frequency

Ok am I reading this wrong? it says on intel 3770k that it only supports ram frequency up to 1600mhz. So if i buy any ram higher than 1600mhz would it not even work or if it does just operate at 1600mhz? thanks.
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    Most Z77 motherboards support up to DDR3 2400 so it all depends on your board. What are you running?

    im planning on buying the msi Z77A-GD80
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    GD80 supports up to DDR3 2666 so grab 8GB of DDR3 2400. If youre in the Us

    so even though it only says 1600mhz on the 3770k product page it will take and utilize the full frequency of higher rams?
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  4. thank you, you have been very helpful.
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