Overclocking Intel Celeron G530 2.40GHz

Im wanting to see how far i can overclock my cpu and still be stable. here are all the specs on the rig;

CPU- Intel Celeron G530 2.40GHz/ Clock- 1600
Board- Biostar H61MGC
BIOS- ACRSYS - 1072009
HD- 120GB
GPU- EVGA GeFORCE 9800GT 1GB DDR3 /Clock-1620/Mem clock-1000

With a 500 watt power supply
and plenty of fans

Any thoughts will be helpful. thanks :D
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  1. my board allows me to OC it and i have an app that allows it also. i have heard of people doing it
  2. No it does not. You need 1st a P67, Z68, P75 or P77 board to overclock.


    You need second either a multiplier unlocked "K" model chip or an i5 or i7 non "K" that can be overclocked 4 bins over stock ( roughly 400Mhz ). To get the limited overclock of the i7 and i5 non "K" CPUs you still need one of the above boards.
    i3 and Pentium G chips do not have the limited unlocking described above.

    The only overclocking you can do is with the BCLK and that is a VERY bad idea with a Sandy or Ivy Bridge CPU. It overclocks the entire system including things not designed to be overclocked.
  3. oh. :/ well sorry "psycho" i thought you were wrong. i guess i learned something new. thanks.
    and for anort3, thanks for the link. and saving my hardware. i dont need to overclock anything. just wanted to say i did it lol
  4. anort3 said:
    It overclocks the entire system including things not designed to be overclocked.

    To be fair, nothing is 'designed to be overclocked', various components just happen to have varying degrees of tolerance and CPU/RAM just happen to have (lots) more than stuff like SATA, PCIe and USB.
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