2GB Gddr3 vs 1GBGddr5

Hello, 2GB DDR3 vs 1GB ddr5 graphics card-which is the best?
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  1. its not that simple

    did you have specific cards in mind?
  2. what's the rest of your hardware. what are you doing. what resolution >>>???
  3. Best to compare the specific cards in the benchmarks that are meaningful to your uses -- Tom's has a very large collection of graphics reviews and comparisons.
  4. It is that simple.

    A card with 1GB of ddr5 is going to be much faster than the same card with 2gb of ddr3.
  5. If you're taking about a card based on the same GPU (like a 5770/6770 or a 5670) then it's better to go with the GDDR5. If you're talking about different cards then it depends on exactly which cards you're talking about.
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