I dropped a screw in my power supply HX750

hey I dropped a screw in my power supply. I have tried turning it upside down and shaking the psu but I can't even hear the screw shaking around so I am assuming it got stuck some where. I tried hitting it then shaking but nothing. I would rather not have to open it because it is only about a week old and I don't want to void the warrenty. The power supply is an HX750. Also I can say that I am 100% sure the screw fell in the power supply
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  1. Opening the power supply shouldn't void the warranty.
  2. Just check and see if there are any stickers that might be broken by opening it up. If not, go ahead and open it
  3. opening it up will void the warranty. leaving the screw in there could cause potential harm........ if you pull it apart be careful when you are poking around. they store energy.
  4. Why don't you just call your shop from where you bought the PSU and explain them the problem?

    they probably can help you by either giving you a new PSU or contact the manufacturer to resolve the problem...
    in this way you'll not have to play poker with the warranty...
  5. thanks for the help I decided to contact corsair for an RMA
  6. dropping a screw in it doesn't fall under warranty I don't think, but good luck with it. Let us know.
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