Is the difference between these 2 new builds worth the price?

I am about to build my first computer and to my understanding, an Intel build would be better for gaming but AMD is a bit cheaper so I was wondering if the performance difference between these 2 builds is great enough to get the more expensive one. I am for the most part a casual gamer with games like WoW, Starcraft II, LoL, soon to be Guild Wars 2, and a lot of Steam games. I just want the system to be able to handle all of those games pretty smoothly with relatively good fps.

Build 1: Intel($630)
-CPU- i5 2500k

-GPU- EVGA GTX 570 (Fermi)

-Mobo- ASRock Z68 Extreme3 Gen3

Build 2: AMD($485)
-CPU- AMD FX-4170

-GPU- Radeon HD 7850

-Mobo- ASRock 970 Extreme3

All other components are relatively the same, case, ssd, psu, etc... But the overall price difference is about $150!
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  1. The i5 build will be far superior.
  2. azeem40 said:
    The i5 build will be far superior.

    But is it 150 worth more superior for the games I'd be playing?
  3. as azeem said the i5 build will be significantly faster. you will also have the option to OC the 2500k to great effect if you decide to add another 570 down the road. more than worth the extra $150
  4. The i5 would be worth the extra 150 no matter what your doing. Who knows maybe later on you might get a newer game that your interested in playing. I would stay away from the fx series of cpu's, there dont even come close to the power of the i5 and are full of issues.
  5. I would go with the I5, 7850, and a cheaper z68 mobo. This will lower the price gap while maintaining performance.
  6. New Build:
    -CPU- i5 2500k
    -GPU- HD 7850
    -Mobo- ARock Pro3 Gen3(Because I won't need xfire)

    This look like a solid combo? a wee bit cheaper than the original one
  7. If you're casual get the 6870. Will play most games maxed out or on very high. Unless you're playing Crysis at 2500 x 1600, a 6870 is better. Will be over $100 cheaper.
  8. Obsama 1 was right, this build will be good and cheap(er).
  9. A 6870 looks like a really good choice actually, especially cause i don't plan on playing anything as demanding as crysis, I think ill go with that then thanks!!
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