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Experience with Llano?

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March 21, 2012 6:07:11 PM

I've decided to build a simple HTPC for my wife to function as an internet, movie (Blu Ray), and music machine. I am stuck, however, on which CPU route I should go in.

I recently built a budget office machine for my father using a Pentium G620. While building it, I played around with the G620 and was impressed with its abilities. I didn't get a chance to really test its graphics capabilities, however, but they were more than enough for what that machine would be used for.

Now, I am torn between placing a Sandy Bridge Pentium and an old video card I have lying around (Geforce 6600GT), or going with a Llano processor, with which I have no experience. The system will be solely for her to surf the internet, queue up YouTube videos, play Blu Ray movies, and play music. Nothing fancy and no gaming (unless I decide I want to dust off the old Everquest account and play it on the big screen :p ). I'm trying to keep cost down since this will be such a simply used system.

My question is which route to go in. G620 and old video card (or integrated graphics, since I'm not really sure what the limitations are), or Llano (less powerful and older than Sandy Bridge, not that it might matter for this use)? The G620 and A4-3400 are both $70 on Newegg, so I'm using that as a jumping off point.

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March 21, 2012 6:50:13 PM

Well llano's integrated GPU is faster than the 6600GT so there could be one for the A4-3400. Toms lists the A4's GPU as equivalent to the 6800GS (AGP). The G620 should have a GPU that is around that of the 6600GT.

Other then that they should both be about the same for that line of work the A4 will be better in the graphical area especially GPU accelerated Video (Youtube, Blu-ray, and websites that are more GPU bound than CPU). The G620 should be better in areas where the CPU matters the most.

Differences platform wise AMD has Native USB3.0 and more Sata 6 ports. Intel has SRT (HD caching using and SSD) on the Z68.

Hopefully this helps you make a decision.