HP DV6000 Microphone problem

I have HP DV6500 laptop with Windows Vista.
The problem is as follows:
I cant get the mic working in Skype.

I downloaded new Conexant driver from hp support website and installed it successfully. The microphone level meter is working if looking it on Control panel - Sound - Recording tab. As I make noise the level meter moves. So this means there is no hardware issue, mic is working just fine. Furthermore I tried recording sound with windows "sound recorder". It records sound and playbacks audio just fine.

The problem arises if going to skype in the audio settings tab. The mic level does not move there no matter how loud noise I make. And yes the correct device is chosen from the drop down menu (the same device which level meter moved on Control panel - Sound - Recording tab). The same problem is starting Microphone Setup wizard, it just doesnt detect any sound from microphone.

To sum up:

I have updated Conexant audio driver and skype to the latest version.
Playback device(speakers) are working correctly.
Microphone level meter is moving in the Control panel - Sound - Recording tab when making noise.
Windows is recording sound from microphone and playing back recorded audio fine.
Microphone level meter is NOT moving in the Skype Audio Device setup and nor in the Microphone setup wizard tab.

What is the possible cause of this problem. Does it have anything to do with Windows Vista?
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  1. Windows Vista is known for causing incredibly high hardware problems and issues. Try to upgrade to Windows 7.

    Good Luck!
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