Do i need a new PSU? Is OCZ Modstream Pro700 Good?

Hi im buying a new pc and was wondering if my current CX600 wat psu from corsair will be good enough for my build without doing any oc'ing.
i7 3770k with corsair h100 with4 fans.
GTX 680 Asus Direct CU II top
Asus sabertooth z77
16 gig mem 1866 mhz.
and 3x27" monitors.
Case: Storm Trooper XL-ATX with about 4-6 more fans.

Will my corsair 600 wat be enough to run with 0 overclock for a little while?

If not will the OCZ modstream Pro 700 be good enough?
Thx a lot for all replays :D
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  1. A system with a single GTX 680 requires a 550W PSU with at least 38A on the 12V rails and two 75W 6-pin PCIe power connectors. The Corsiar CX600 has sufficient power connectors and and the 40A on the 12V rails is electrically suffcient for your planned upgrade to a GTX 680.
  2. ^ +1
    The CX600 shouldn't have a problem running those specs, even with moderate overclocking
  3. Oh really, wow that's great :P
    I was told by others that it would be like barely enough and that i had no OC options.
  4. Most people drastically overestimate power requirements for PCs.
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