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I have a new desktop computer, ( I am also keeping my old one that is just 12 months old ( a 980X build) that is hard wired to my router. This ,machine is in my office in my house. Now the question, I am building a new Sandy Bridge desktop for my bedroom, obviously I cannot hard wire it to my router, the rooms are not even close to each other in the house. So I have to install a wireless card, I looked at the Asus N13 PCI Express card, it has wireless n and is backwards compatible to g. I also looked at the Azio AWD102N 802.11n Wireless PCI Adapter, Up to 300Mbps, MIMO , which is about the same price, 25.00USD but is PCI. Does anyone have any experience with these cards? Can I get some advice please. Any feedback is really appreciated.
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