Is battlefield3 good for i5 2500k(no overclocking)

is battlefield3 good for i5 2500k(no overclocking)
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  1. Do you mean it the other way round?
  2. If it wouldn't, I don't think there are many (any) that would... It's fine for BF3 at stock.
  3. Quote:
    Why would you buy a 2500K and not overclock it?

    Agreed. That's kind of the point of even getting a K CPU. OP, if you don't want to OC, a 3550 would be the better choice.
  4. ct1615 said:
    1 - price difference is often $10 between the 2500 / 2500k

    2 - some people don't want to OC if the CPU can do the job just fine, they will OC once performance falls below par

    3 - 2500k will probably have a better price on the used CPU market since it can be OC

    That's what I am doing. I just have turbo on (with low voltage), but I'm not using my 4.4GHz OC until I have to. Besides, I don't like high voltages, since I'm going to be using this CPU for a few more years.
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