Keep the CPU fan running for at least 3minutes after shutdown?

I bought a HP compaq nx9110 laptop with an Intel Pentium 4 CPU inside from a friend and over the past weeks i have realized that the computer gets even hotter after shutdown because the fan stops when the computer shuts down. Is it possible to keep the fans running for at least 3 minutes after shutdown? My CPU gets around 80C while running and i feel the case get even hotter when i shut down.
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  1. It shouldn't, as soon as the power it cut the heat sink should clear out any left over heat pretty quickly

    Also 80c is really a bit too high unless thats under extreme load.
    Clean your heat sink/fan ? get a better one ?
    Unless your bios has some options for keeping the fan alive, id say your out of luck on that one.
  2. My friend had that laptop for about 5 years and im sure he has not cleaned it or taken it to the repair shop at all. I want to get it serviced but i haven't found the time. Ill check the bios later for some options.
  3. Checked the bios for any options but no luck. However my laptop does keep the usb power on for 5 minutes after power down. Maybe i can use the 5v usb ports to power the fans inside the computer.
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