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For a gaming PC, is it better for a monitor to support HDMI or do they look better with DVI or VGA? Which is best?
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  1. From experience, VGA is best. Also, you should get an IMS monitor.
  2. IMS?
  3. IMS is something like this:

    Dell UltraSharp U2212HM Black 21.5" 8ms Pivot, Swivel & Height Adjustable Widescreen LCD Monitor with LED 250 cd/m2 2 Million:1 DCR (1000:1)
  4. DVI is currently the best and most used format for displays.

    If you want to read further into the difference between the two check out:

    What video card are you using and what resolution to do you want? Price range?
  5. IPS, not IMS, and this is not necessary. It's just a different type of monitor with better color accuracy and viewing angles. Most monitors are TN. There's really no point in IPS unless you are in some art profession or want 2560x1600 res on a single monitor as they cost nearly double the price with no real benefit to gamers.

    VGA is not recommended and is being phased out, no high end cards have them anymore for a couple of years now. DVI and HDMI are both digital and will get the same quality, VGA is analog. HDMI has audio.
  6. The first paragraph from above is wrong. I am getting the U2412M and the reviews say it has no ghosting, or input lag.
  7. I good led tn monitor will have no ghosting and it's impossible to have no input lag, but this too will be in the same range and still cost much less.
  8. HDMI if you really want a true 1080p picture, but then again, I suggest the DVI. It gives remarkable definition, and goes well with gaming, and less expensive too.

    Most screens have a DVI port in it anyways, and many, many Graphics cards have that too. DVI would be the best imo.
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