I have just built this computer and I have a few questions about the operation of it.

1. When I turn it on there is a message on the American Megatrends page that says CPU fan error. I can see the CPU fan working so why do I have this message?

2. On the American Megatrends page if I go to the setup there is a display with all the fan RPM's. If one of the fans is on low speed it shows up in red as if the RPM's are not high enough. Is this something I should be worried about? If I turn the speed up the red goes away and it is fine but I would just think as long as its on it should be fine.

3. On my motherboard I can only find 3 plugs for the fans that are in the case. The case has 4 fans. What do I need to do to get all of the case fans going? Thanks for your help.

Processor = Intel Core I5 2500
Motherboard = Asus P8268-V Pro Gen 3
Hard Drive = Samsung Spinpoint F3 1 tb
Memory = G. Skill Ripjaw series
DVD Burner = Asus DRW SATA 24x
Case = Antec Three Hundred illusion BLK
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  1. 1. Chances are good that the 4-pin CPU fan power connector got knocked out. You should check your connections because a motherboard wouldn't report that otherwise.

    2. Yes - as long as all fans are operational the motherboard will adjust it accordingly to preserve system temps.

    3. You'll need some 4-pin MOLEX to 3-pin PSU power connectors - they should look something like this:

    You can pick those up at any PC parts store (Radioshack / Tiger Direct / Fry's, etc) for like $5 each.
  2. I can see the fan working though so if the cord got knocked out wouldnt it stop working?
  3. nschafer55 said:
    I can see the fan working though so if the cord got knocked out wouldnt it stop working?

    Probably not pushed in all the way - are you running the stock cooler or are you running an aftermarket cooler?
  4. Just the fan that came with the processor.
  5. I have called both asus and intel and I think it is narrowed down to two possibilities. The first is my memory is 2 1.6V sticks. The second is I need to update the bios for the motherboard. Which one is the most likely to cause a CPU fan error? I am not even sure what a bios is. Please let me know. Thanks.
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