Nvidia GTS 250 Vs. GT 440

I am starting to run some programs such as Deus Ex Revolution and noticing a few things with the 2 current cards I have in my pc. One is that my older 250 GTS does not support DX 11.
My new card that I run is a GT 440 Fermi.
What I was wondering is should I be running the GT 440 as my main card and not the GTS 250 ?
I also run 4 monitors, am I better off running my main monitor on a single card alone or does that matter ?
Here are the specs I have on the 2 cards I am currently using. Also for reference I am running Asus p8p67 deluxe motherboard.

GTS 250

Core Clock

Effective Memory Clock

Memory Size

Memory Interface

GT 440

Core Clock

Shader Clock

Effective Memory Clock

Memory Size

Memory Interface
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  1. the gts 250 will win and the gts 250 512mb is lot better then the gt 440 but and there is one difference that the gts 250 is dx 10 based and the gt 440 is dx 11 and the gts 250 is older then the gt 440 but in performance its newer then the gt 440.
  2. yes I noticed that I have to run DX10 on the 250.
    Any ideas on multiple monitors if it is better to run main monitor on a single instead of dual or does it matter?
  3. first of all just tell me your budget if your going to buy one of this card but there is more better cards with dx 11 with that price range if you have already those two then go with the gts 250 you will find more good results in gaming such as duex ex and everytime while gaming everyone doesnt enable dx 11 and they are playing with dx 10 for better performance.:)
  4. i think
    use 250 as dedicated phyx (at x8 or x4 mode)
    and use 440 as main card. (at x16 mode)
    it will provide you a performance of 250 or 260 in phyx games or cuda supported softares and you can use dx11 too
  5. Well I run 4 monitors, 3 on Desktop and one to TV VIA hdmi.
    I am not going to buy a new card atm. Maybe this summer. I run most games fine, haven't had any issues with anything. If I do upgrade card this summer I am not sure how picky SLI mode is on cards. If I run 3 cards I can put 2 to whatever monitors, but I am not sure if I can run a dual monitor on 2 sli cards.
  6. Or go with ATI and run 6 monitors on a single card =P

    But anyway, I think the 250 is slightly faster and you won't really see any DX11 on the 440 anyway because it's not powerful enough to do tesselation and all the other features. On the other hand, doubling the VRAM is useful in certain cases.

    You should be able to just swap which monitor is your "main" monitor in Windows and then test each card out very simply, without having to open up the case and swap things around.
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