What is a good size hard drive

What should I be looking at. I want to upgrade to a new faster computer (for games etc) that won't hang up on me, with enough storage for pictures, documents etc.
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  1. Well if you have around 160 you can probably get a SSD and 500GB hard drive, I purchased my 120GB SSD for 70 and my 500GB for 60 on newegg, it depends on your budget and if your lucky to find a good deal.
  2. Thanx Lunixed.. I guess what I was wondering is how can I make sure I have enough speed? when I upgrade.. (I'm a little slow at this stuff) It's probably the RAM I'm wondering about. I'm looking at a 500GB SATA H 7200 16 MB hard drive with 8GB KIT 2x4GB 1333MHZ DDR3 210PIN DIMM memory. I now have a Dimension 4600, Pent 4 CPU 3 GHZ wit 3.62 GHZ Ram I believe.. (at least that's what it tells me when I right click on my computer) :) As you can tell I am not very knowledgeable when it comes to computers.. My biggest problem is the computer hanging up on me at times.
    I hope I make some sense.. :??:
  3. I think your problems don't come from the hard drive itself, but rather the computer as a whole.

    What games are you currently playing that's making you lag and hang?
  4. mostly I play games @ Pogo.. Looking at pictures on FB really hangs up a lot. I do my e-mail, and shop via internet. I also research stuff.. mostly through Yahoo. Seems I'm always finding something to look up or look for.. :ange:
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    Do you have any budget where you can just buy a whole new computer? Because even a low end pre-built (aka, Dell, HP, etc) will be a great deal faster than what you have. It really isn't worth upgrading unless you just don't have the money for an all new computer.

    Also, you have 4 GB of RAM in your PC, but I assure you the computer isn't telling you its 3.62 GHz ;). It is 3.62 GB, meaning that of the 4 GB of RAM you have, 3.62 is all that your computer can use. Most modern computers can use greater than 3.62 GB of RAM.

    Edit: Also, you can't use DDR3 RAM, so the RAM you found is useless for your computer. At best, your computer can only use DDR2 RAM. Again, this is yet another reason to steer you towards just buying an all new computer ;). I assure you, for about $500 - $600, you'll have a super fast PC.
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  7. Thank you phyco126.. I think you answered my question.. (IF I can understand what it all means) I have pretty much decided to go with the computer I was quoted above.. There is lots more info in the quote of course, but I am really at a loss to understand it all. I think it's lining up somewhat with the computer you sent the url for. Thanks for the help.. I am SOO behind on all of this... :??:
  8. Not a problem. If you have any questions or problems, you can send me a private message via these forums and I will be happy to assist!
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