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Hi guys i was wondering if anyone could help me with my problem, i have recently bought a new psu(Pro XFX pro 750w) and graphics card(gtx560 TI hawk edition), i have installed both of them correctly i assume, i then hooked it up to the power and when i try to turn on te computer it would turn on for about 2 secs and then off for 2 secs an so on, it repeats itself. Would like to know whether i did something wrong, or is there a procedure to undertake or what so. If anyone could help id be sincerely grateful
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  1. Wrong voltage values??? maybe???
  2. Did you hook up all of the necessary connectors? There should be a 24 or 20+4 pin connector to the motherboard, an 8 pin or 4+4 connector to the motherboard near the CPU, a PCI-e 6 pin connector going to the graphics card, also make sure that the CPU fan connector is firmly seated. There are other connectors but those are the major ones your system needs to successfully pass POST.
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