I cant change the hertz refresh rate on my samsung

I can't change the refresh rate on my samsung RV520 notebook, which is a 15.6" screen, from 60 to anything else. I would like to change it to 75 hz because the screen is causing eye and headaches. It won't let me add it as a custom setting. Is there any way to override this or would it harm the pc?
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  1. afaik, you can't change laptop display's refresh rate. lcd displays perform optimally at their highest resolution and refresh rate. most laptops have 60 hz as the highest. i have used a few laptops but didn't find any settings to change refresh rates.
    look into 'Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Display\Screen Resolution' and click 'advanced settings'. click 'list all modes' for available display res. and refresh rates.
    try changing brightness, contrast ratio, gamma, other settings. make sure your eyes are at the level with the top of the display and you have sufficient ambient light.
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