How long is the wait for hd 6xxx series to drop in price

I'm building my first rig and im trying to stay within my $850 budget. I'm wondering if I should just go ahead and buy a card like the 6870 now, or wait a couple of weeks for the 7xxx series to hit shelves for prices to drop.

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  1. Buy all the parts exept video card. Wait 2-3 weeks for the release of 7950 in february,maybe after that 6000 series will drop the price.
  2. It will probably take until the majority of the 7000 series is out - at the least 7800 and higher. This means at least a few more months.
  3. Well the more popular designs from the 58xx and 4xx series have not dropped that much yet, so I wouldn't hold my breadth.
  4. Some did, though. Sapphire released a 5850 "Xtreme" for $150 new, which is half the cost I bought mine for. If those were still available they'd be the best bang for your buck setup right now.
  5. Thanks guys. I think I will wait a bit then. This i5-2500k's graphics should hold me down for a bit while I get all my parts together.
  6. For an $850 budget total you need to make compromises. Unfortunately if it's for gaming, you really should pick a lower cost CPU/mobo combo like an i3 2120/H55 set in order to get a decent GPU. However, with what you've got, I'm sure if you just save for a month or two you can get a decent 6770, 6790, 550 Ti or better depending on how your finances are doing.
  7. got my i5 for 180, optical for 17, 500gb hdd for 50, mobo for 90. that leaves about 450 for the case, ram, gpu, psu and windows 7. think im doing alright so far. waiting for this price drop to happen so i can search for that final piece.
  8. I've built with the Zalman Z9 Plus case, it's got great features considering it is extremely cheap. It's not the best build quality, but hey, it works and it's cool.

    RAM isn't bad either, like $30-50 for 8gb depending what you get.

    PSU is a bit pricy, around $80-100 for something decent.

    Win 7 is typically around $100, but maybe you can get a deal.

    That leaves maybe $100-150 for a GPU, so like a 6850 or 550 Ti I guess. If you don't mind used, 5850s can be had in that range no problem.

    Anyway best of luck.
  9. I just purchased a HIS Radeon 6770 for $100 and it runs like a perl with my quad core. Defiantly recommend it if you dont want to spend alot more money.
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