Geforce GTX 465 vs GTX 460 vs GTX 550 TI

Hi guys ,,,

I'm looking for an upgrade from my old MSI Geforce Gt 220 1 GB ,,,,,
and the choices are :
1- Geforce GTX 465 1 GB.
2- Geforce GTX 460 1 GB.
3- Geforce GTX 550 TI 1 GB.
which one is better in Gaming....

My system spec :
Intel Core i5-760.
Gigabyte H55-D2H.
4 GB DDR3 1333.
22" LCD monitor. so i usually play at 1680x1050 resoulation.
Crosair 600 watt PSU.

one more question : what will happen if i connected a graphic card with insufficient power supply ??
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  1. If you increase little bit budget then go for 560TI. :sol: :sol:
  2. The top one for gaming in that little bunch is the GTX 460 1GB (336 core 256bit)
  3. Quote:
    out of those three your best option is the GTX 460 but now depending on price range
    you might have other options.
    and which models in-particular, meaning which GTX 460 and GTX 550 Ti are you looking at.
    do not even bother with the GTX 465.... :pfff:

    It is all down to preference yes, but the numbers do not lie, the GTX550ti will be slower in all cases than the GTX460.

    The 460 shouldve been a 5 series card, its cool, quiet and fast - this was Fermi done right :P - which is why its still wonderfully viable now, and why I have 2 of them in my rig, both overclocked to hell and running as fast as I want them too. Im just gutted about the VRAM on mine, I shouldve opted for the 1GB versions...
  4. just go with the gtx 460 it will be far lot better then those and its on par with the hd 6850 which is a mid-high end gpu :ange: .:)
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