How much watts will my new custom comp use?

Hi. I just got all this toay via FedEx! :) I will be SLIing two GTX 680s in about a year. Until then only 1.

This is what I got:

HDD: (will return for 10000rpm version.) PSU!! Is this enough? I was thinking of returning it and getting a 1000w...

processor: 95w i think... water cooler, H100 dvd drive

RAM: (i got TWO sets of these, total of 16GB, 4 total cards)


for the graphics card, im getting the GTX 680 which comes out TOMORROW and is 195-235w TDP. I think 235w... i will be getting abother for SLI in xmas 2012, so im not buying another psu... :)

SWEET!! So my question is will a 800w SILENT PRO PSU gold standard fullfill my power needs? DO I need to step up to 1000w or even higher?
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  1. well assuming your numbers are right that is 595 + hdd & other hardware not listed. lets assume your number is around 650-700w.

    an 800w psu will probably run it fine but its always better to have more leadway. if anything i would think you wouldnt have enough connectors.

    keep in mind that idle and load require different amounts of power. i would suggest to be at least 20% greater than your max load. personally i prefer at least 150-200w headroom for peace of mind.

    my i7/470gtx idles at around 330w. i've seen it go up as high as 400-450w during crysis but if i tested it harder i would expect a larger power draw. i use a 1000w psu because it provides the plugs i need and provides room for future sli.
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