First time building a PC need help

Hi everyone nice to meet you :)

I'm new here, and i need plenty of help on building and choosing parts for my new PC. My old computer is 6 years old, the graphics card is dying since i just turn it on today and it shows multi color artifacts and blurry/damage like text display on screen. not sure what happen to my graphics card maybe due to overheating? since my case has tons of dust in it. chances of finding a old graphics card is very slim.

So I'm interested on building a new computer since it's about time for me to get a new computer. But I'm a completely newbie when it comes to building and choosing parts for the new computer since i didn't build nor choose parts for my old pc few years ago.

But i did watched some videos on Youtube on "How to Build a Computer" on my phone though.

Also I'm completely new to all of the companies out there that made computer parts. such as motherboards, PSU, RAM, Case etc. not sure which ones makes the best quality stuff and has good reputation. not sure what parts i need to get. so i definitely need help here.

The PC that i am going to build is a gaming computer and of course able to do other things besides gaming such as playing HD 1080p videos.

these are some questions i would like to ask hope somebody who are experienced will able to provide me with answers. here it goes

i just turned on my old PC with a dying graphic card which i mention above, i was trying to back up some files to my 1 TB WD harddrive and when i did that, it copies the files slower than before. the copying progress window up there where a folder will send a paper flying to the next folder (I'm using Windows XP by the way), the paper freezed awhile and then resume repeat.

Any ideas what causing this ? i noticed this too while copying stuff to my harddrive to backup. taskmanager shows it went all the way up to 100%. i didn't have these problems in the past. could it be the graphics card causing these problems ?

And can i take out my WD 1 TB harddrive and use it on my new PC ? which i am going to build soon.

not sure if these might be helpful but these are my old PC specs
CPU: AMD Athlon 3000+ 1.8 Ghz
Motherboard: not sure what motherboard i have
Storage: Maxtor 80GB HDD (OS), Western Digital 1TB HDD (bought this about 4 or 3 years ago, my brother helped me installed it in)
OS: Windows XP SP3
Casing: some cheap casing no brand got only 2 fans in it
Disc Drives: LiteOn DVD/ CD R disc drive (which is rarely used probably dead since can't be open)
PSU: not sure what PSU i have

i will be waiting for someone that are willing to help and answer my questions. Thank you very much for your time :)
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    Welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums,
    First, your file transfer speed issue is not related to your graphics card (not possible in any common way I am aware of). Couple possibilities, heat being a prime suspect I think. Don't have time right now, I'll get back to that.
    Second, I'm going to direct you to Systems>>New Build to start a new thread after reading this article
    start your new thread in Systems with that info there... you'll probably be overwhelmed with responses and suggestions
    Third, have fun!
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