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BSOD with xfire

the problem im running into is that when ever i try and run COD black ops i get a BSOD , the issue that i need an answer for is why its happening only on this game and it didnt happen before when i ran a single card , i can play ANY other game that i try to run be it L4D1-2 CSS SC2 DC universe ...only black ops gives me the BSOD

my system specs are

CPU - phenom 2 x6 1100t (stock clock)
GFX - xfire radeon 5770HD (one xfx one saphire both at stock -850 x 1200)
RAM - 2x2 gigs of patriot g 1600 (stock clock)
PSU - thermaltake 750w
HDD - 2 t and 2 500 g

i have all stock voltages and everything , drivers are up to date ...
i just cant find out why its only this game giving me a BSOD , i dont play it often but if there is an error in my rig id like to fix it and have it run the way its supposed to ya know?

if you need anymore info just ask

and thank you in advance for any tips,help,advice givin
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  1. Have you tried disabling Crossfire in the ATI catalyst to test to see if COD will run still?
  2. Might be a config for the game is set when you first install it, thinking you have a single card. You might just have to reinstall the game, or find the config file(s) and manually edit them.

    Just a guess, though.
  3. i just did a fresh format the other week cause i got a new SSD and the problem was happening before that, and i just re installed the game (on steam) before i posted this thinking is was that problem, and for using drive sweeper i dont think i need to use it since i just installed win7 ulti x64 but i will try it and see if that works
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    I can solve that. You have to disable one of your cards in Catalyst. Trust me when I tell you that there is no "fix" for the BSOD on Black Ops. I have spent hours trying to figure it out and the only thing that fixes it is to disbale one of the cards. Which for me is fine, as one card runs the game just fine. Try it and see what happens.
  5. Oh, one more thing, if you roll back your drivers to 11.6 it should work. I however did not want to do that as I play many games that need updated drivers such as BF3. SO either roll back to 11.6 or disable one of the cards.
  6. Quote:
    gotta love HD Radeon drivers... :p

    Black Ops is the only game I have ever had a problem with and I have played many many games over the past few years. The game is coded poorly, it is a known fact. I would not be surprised if it is a problem on its end, ultimately.
  7. Quote:
    I know and I heard that too but still, I couldn't pass up the chance to jab... ;)

    Why you little...!

    Oh, wait... yeah, I have a problem too. *goes to make new thread*
  8. ya its the only game i have a problem with xfire even BF3 runs just fine i always knew COD was a s**ty game and thats why i dont really play it but ya it seems to run fine when its not xfired thank you xerxces (just kinda a let down that i have to change my settings to play a single game...time to uninstall the game)
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