Did I get ripped off ?

A few months ago I bought a "Gaming Computer" from Microtel.
I was doing some reading around and people are saying they don't tell what power supplies they use in their builds. So I opened up my case and the power supply didn't have any name or anything, I did more reading and found out they use 500W Cheap power supplies that last a year , I want to add a Graphics card in my PC but there is no cable to connect it with. Are all of the cables used already?

Computer specs:
Windows 7 Home Premium
Intel i7-2600k 3.4Ghz
1TB 7200 RPM HDD
TH67+ Motherboard (H67 Chipset)
PSU (unknown)

Really I just want to add in a HD 7870 OC Ghz Edition GFX card , but my parts are not sufficient. I don't think I have room for the card because my wireless adapter is next to the pci-e slot. I don't see any other cable's for the GFX (Needs 2 6 pin).

If I need a new powersupply and have to redo the whole thing which one should I get and would it be fine if a store like best buy put it together(they might be expensive).

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  1. If your PSU doesn't have the connectors necessary to power the 7870, then it probably can't deliver enough juice to power the card anyway. A good quality 550 Watt PSU is sufficient for a 7870. Antec, Seasonic, Corsair, and XFX are among the good brands. Avoid Best Buy power supplies, their store brand is Rocketfish, and they aren't of good quality.

    They also made an odd choice pairing the 2600k with an H67 board, so you can't use the unlocked multiplier to overclock the CPU. Since I don't see a GPU listed, I guess they wanted HD 3000 integrated for their "gaming" computer.

    As for your wireless card, you should be able to move it to another slot, if your motherboard has one available. If it's a PCI-E based wireless card and there are no other PCI-E slots on your motherboard, you may have to do without wireless, or buy a PCI wireless card to replace the old one in order to fit a dual slot graphics card.

    I would say just put it together yourself. Replacing a power supply and installing expansion cards are not difficult tasks. Best Buy also charges an arm and a leg for Geek Squad services, so I would avoid them. You just need a philips head screwdriver, and plug the necessary connectors into the matching slots. All connectors are designed to fit the appropriate slot, if it doesn't fit, it isn't supposed to, so don't force anything.
  2. Alright, thanks a lot i appreciate the help. I'm just scared I might screw something up and ruin my $1000 computer.
    I was thinking of going into : http://www.amazon.com/OCZ-ModXStream-Modular-Performance-compatible/dp/B001IZ7MHU/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1341508693&sr=8-1&keywords=700+power+supply
    But i'm not sure what cables I need and if it could be missing them. Does more watt give better performance? Or would it increase computer life?
  3. The one you selected is okay though not great. It is overrated, it's closer to a 500 Watt PSU in the specs that matter for today's computers. They claim it is 700 Watts by throwing extra wattage on the +5V and +3.3V which aren't really that relevant anymore, at least for high power consumption components.

    Extra watts do not give you more performance, your computer will only draw what it needs, getting higher wattage is only necessary if you plan on getting two or more video cards, or plan on doing some extreme overclocking. Extra watts will not extend the computer's life. Keeping the system cool, and ensuring you have a good quality PSU delivering stable voltages will ensure a longer life for your computer.

    All the cables should be included with the power supply, either directly attached, or included as a modular cable that you plug into the power supply.

    Just don't force anything if it isn't fitting. You also shouldn't work on your computer while standing on carpet, or while wearing a wooly sweater or something that causes lots of static electricity. Static electrical discharges can damage your components.
  4. A "gaming" boutique PC without add-in board graphics and no PCIe connector from its PSU? ouch.

    At a glance, the parts list + OEM OS comes up to about $850 before taxes so you paid ~$100 for assembly + preloading the OS, which is not too far fetched.

    As far as ruining your PC swapping out the PSU, just don't drop sweat/spit in it and make sure you touch the PC's case to discharge static before putting a hand inside.

    All the connectors are keyed which makes it difficult to insert them the wrong way so no need to worry about that too much. If you feel like you are applying an unexpected amount of force, double-check that you have the correct orientation and try again.
  5. So even if I added in a hd 7870 Ghz Edition It could work with a 550 power supply? If you could link me to a decent power supply for the price.
    Thanks for all the quick replies
  6. Vernk said:
    So even if I added in a hd 7870 Ghz Edition It could work with a 550 power supply? If you could link me to a decent power supply for the price.
    Thanks for all the quick replies

    Any good 500 to 550 Watt PSU would be sufficient for a 7870.




    Those three above are good quality units that aren't too expensive. They will get the job done for a 7870. If you do intend to get a second video card, or do some very heavy overclocking, you may want to get something with higher wattage, but any of those are sufficient for just about any single GPU setup.
  7. Thanks, but the GFX Card I want to buy requires 2(6 pin) cables , none of those power supplies have in the pictures
  8. Vernk said:
    Thanks, but the GFX Card I want to buy requires 2(6 pin) cables , none of those power supplies have in the pictures

    Actually all of them do have two 6 pin PCI-E connectors, it says so in the details tab. The pictures on the online retail sites don't always show all the cabling, especially if the power supply is modular.
  9. Oh alright, so out of those three which one would you recommend for my system. Sorry, I am not good at this stuff. I might need 3 PCI-E 2 for GFX and 1 For the Adapter
  10. SeaSonic M12II 520 Bronze 520W

    i :love: that one

    and its a great price for being modular
  11. Alright I think I have come to my decision then, I have also sent an email to Microtel about this.
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