Asus asus gtx 560 ti wont work with intel g31 express chipset

Hello everyone,
I bought an ASUS ENGTX560 DC graphics card yesterday and I own a 3yr old rig which comprises of a Core 2 Duo E7300 with an Intel G31 Express Chipset and a 500W PSU and 2GB DDR2 RAM.
I got the graphic card installed through my local computer shop vendor, but the fan of the card was spinning and everything was on in the cabinet but there is no output on the screen,.....when he connected to the IGP VGA ouput of the motherboard it came fine.
Now, I am starting to wonder whether the problem is with my PSU or my motherboard. He even tested whether its the problem with the PCI Express slot by using a GTS 240 card,....which displayed output. So, not PCI Express problem,...its 1.1 for my motherboard.

And I used to use a Sparle Nvidia GeForce 9600 GT for the past 3yrs,....which had some components fried a few months back, due to improper earthing at my home since the beginning, which has been rectified a month back.
So, PCI Express Slot is ok, works fine even now, first when he plugged in the gts 240 for test, did not work too,..then he tried again it worked ,..said some dust was clogged maybe.

Now, what should I do,..the fan of the graphic card spins fine,...showing working condition, sound, no beep,etc,....but one time in his trials, the fan made a slight weird whirring soiund a little bit,..but later again no signs of that too,..just normal
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  1. Where did you get the 560ti? Did the technician try it in another PC to make sure the card is working? Just because the fan is running does not mean there is not a problem with the card its self.
  2. Try a BIOS upgrade? Does the video card support 1.1 PCIe? There are new 2.1 cards that will not work with an older PCIe spec, but that is usually 1.0.

    Is the PSU a good brand? That video card can draw 170 watts, if you have a cheap 500 watt PSU it will actually be putting out 300 or so watts, and maybe not have enough voltage on the video card connections.
  3. i don't think the card is a damaged one,...i got it from a good online site and yes its asus
    i forgot to mention that the technician connected the power cable provided whic has a black 6 holes one side and two white 4 pin connectors to the psu 4 pin ones
    but the card came with 2 black 6 hole power connectors
    do i need to connect both the black 6 pin ones on the card to the psu

    but i don't think those many 4 pin connections are available

    the psu is not a popular brand BTW just a normal one
  4. You need to hook up all the power connectors properly on the card, you can actually damage the card or motherboard if you don't. You may need to get a new power supply that has dual 6-pin video card connections.

    From "The power requirements for the GTX 560 TI are two 6-pin PCIe power connections. The TDP on the reference card is 170 watts with a 500 watt power supply recommended."

    Did you take the thing to BestBuy or something to get installed? Almost all techs that work in retail shops have very little experience with issues outside of how to configure email.

    And if you paid someone to install it, why did he not get it working before you took it? If someone brought me a card to install I would not let it go till it was working.
  5. yes take it back to him or something if he got paid for not doing his work imo you should get a refund,
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