Need help solving computer stutter!

Sorry, Im not very good with forum sites so I apologize if Im doing this wrong but I am getting pretty desperate. I bought this 800 dollar laptop and its been playing well for about a year but lately it has been starting to stutter. It does this thing when playing games, watching videos, or even typing different texts like this one where it will freeze up for a couple seconds and then resume again. I noticed that every time it did this, the cpu maxed for those couple seconds then goes back to normal. It happens a few times a minute and it got to the point where I felt I should swipe my computer and put it back to factory settings. That still didnt do the trick and its still doing it. If anyone has any idea on what might be wrong, please help! Thanks!
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  1. I suggest the following: Run a great anti-virus. If it comes back clean, then perhaps a absolute clean install of the OS is in need. Or, the computer is starting to overheat and is lagging to keep cool. I would buy a can of air and blow any dust out of the laptop. Even if that isn't the problem, its still a good idea to do that once in a while.

    However, before doing that, do this. Whenever it starts to do this, open up task manager and put down how much RAM is being utilized at this time. Also, post your full laptop specs to include model number.
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