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I've been visiting this forum for YEARS and its never let me down. First off i want to thank you all for being such a great and reliable source for information. This community ROCKS!

I've recently upgraded my PC from:

AMD Phenom 9850 Blk edition 2.5GHz
Gigabyte mobo
4Gb of DDR2 RAM
1TB Seagate Green HDD
BFG 680 watt PSU
XFX 5770 1GB GPU


AMD FX - 8150
Asus Crosshair Formula V mobo
8Gb of DDR3 1866 Ram

I still have the same HDD, GPU and PSU. Im looking into upgrading my GPU to an ASUS HD 7850 2GB 1st, then purchasing 2 solid state drives (one for OS and the other for gaming) My question is will my PSU be enough to support all of this? So far I have not had any issues but I'm not sure if the new video card would change that. Eventually i want to upgrade my PSU but I really dont want to until i absolutly have to. Just let me know your thoughts!

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  1. It should be fine (more than enough, actually). You could probably get away with CF on that PSU if it has 2 PCIe connectors (600W PSU recommended for CF 7850's).
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