HELP! system won't post

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  1. cpu temp exceeding the thereshold?

    the system will boot, shut down, boot, shut down faster, then eventually not boot at all until it cools down.

    did you apply the thermal paste to your cpu cooler correctly?
    did you apply the cpu cooler correctly?
    did you plug in the cpu fan correctly?
    does the cpu fan spin?

    it could also be a northbridge or southbridge fan on your motherboard being faulty. you know that small one.
  2. Power supply is going bad.
  3. If you can't POST, I would try:

    1) Press and hold insert while powering up your computer, holding insert until you get to the boot screen.
    2) Clear the CMOS by resetting VIA jumper on mobo.
    3) Remove the CMOS battery, leaving out for ~30secs and reinserting.

    These have helped me before.
  4. thanks all for replies. I did find the problem. (late reply sorry). Apparently the tiny metal piece for temp reading for my fan controller is useless. As it simply being on the cpu is just enough to cause heating issues.

    Is there a special way to install them or are they really just a useless design?
    Why in the hell don't company's just add it to the motherboard for external temp display....
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