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i have an asus /hp mother board with an e5300 cpu 2.6 ghz, chip. can i swap it out with a 3.40 mhz chip? the board is an ipibl-lb thank you
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  1. I really, really wouldn't bother. But what 3.40mhz chip are you talking about?
    Heres a data sheet with processor upgrade information:

    But like I said, you're basically replacing an old ass CPU with another one. If you're paying retail for this upgrade, don't do it. 20 bucks on ebay, sure what the heck?
  2. As I mentioned in his other post, the 3.4 GHz processor is a Pentium 4. The E5300 is nearly, and in some cases more than, twice as fast as the one he got. Even if its $20 on eBay, he would do himself a massive disservice to throw that processor in there.
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