Water spilled into computer while turned on.

Computer sitting on ground behind desk, full glass of water spills and shoots over the edge and down onto the case. 5 seconds later, computer screeches, screen goes black, I race over and flip the power off. The amount of water that got in was a good enough amount, it didn't poor into it but it did get showered a lot. Mobo and graphics card were the only 2 things that I could see that were sprinkled with water. This is where I am at now...
I took it apart and let it dry for 2 1/2 days.
Put it together and started it up, windows begins to start and it flashes to a quick blue screen and restrts, this is coninued over and over...
I removed the graphics card and tried to boot without. (Mobo has gpu) same blue screen followed by restart.
My bios loads up fine, all of my original setting stayed saved, bios detects cpu and all ram.
I tried putting windows disc into repair it, didnt work. Also tried restoring it, didn't work.
I have a slave drive in the computer with windows loaded on it aswell, tried to boot from that, same exact blue screen restart...
So my questions are, what do you guys think could be the cause of this?
Is it hardware or windows?
I think it is my mobo but, I am no sure if mobo bios can load perfectly fine means that my mobo is fine?
I also think that since my RAM and CPU read fine in BIOS and no water really landed on them, that they are fine.
Please Help! :(
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  1. See if you can get a linux usb set up, and try booting that up, I'm no tech head tbh, but I would suspect southbridge or related traces damage,
    I hope someone more knowledgable can help answer this for you though :-)
  2. Sounds like the motherboard but hard to say. Did you inspect it while disassembled to see if there were any 'burn' marks on it? Does the CPU fan run? The video fans? What MB, does it have a UEFI BIOS?
  3. Mobo is a ASRock z68 extreme3 gen3, Yes it is UEFI BIOS. I can't tell if there are any burn marks on the mobo, but it looked fine to me... All fans working when powered on.
  4. Anyone?
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