Dell psu radeon 6770 question

My psu has two wattage numbers on it's sticker:

+5v and 3.3v
shall not exceed 160w
+5v and 3.3v
Max Output Power 300w

so is it 300w or 160?

also, could it power a radeon 6770?
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  1. You need to know the power on the 12V rail but most likely no
  2. alright it says

    +12v... 18a, -12v 0.8a

    wtf does that mean

    debating between a 6670 and a 6770 mostly for playing diablo3
  3. You have 216W on the 12V rail (12V x 18a = 216W) the 5770/6770 can draw over 100W under load so unless the rest of your system is ultra low power then you would need a new PSU. The 6670 is much lower power so it may be OK on that PSU as long as it can supply the power the label says it can.
  4. I would not go beyond the Radeon HD 6670 unless you are willing to replace the power supply.
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