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Okay let me just say before any trolls show up still new to the whole computer hardware upgrades thing so I have an HP a6130n recently updated the video card and power supply. Corsair CX 500 power. Recently (since summer and the heat increases started live in michigan)the computer seems to shut down or freeze after like 10-15 minutes of running after looking over I noticed the power supply is a bottom mount type and I have it installed in a top mount so yes hot air is blowing down onto the components. Is there anyway to fix this like maybe a pci cooling fan or should I just buy a new case? If its a new case what kind should I get? Like I said its an HP a6130n and the only changes from the factory installed stuff are the power supply and video card.
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  1. Buy a case that has fans on the side, I usually don't spend more than $50 on a case and I really like my DiabloTek EPIC for $40. However they have replaced this model with the "EVO" i think it's called but it seems to have all the same features, it just looks different.
  2. The job of a psu fan is only to protect the psu. Not to aid in case cooling.
    Don't count on much help there.

    Any psu should be able to be mounted right side up or upside down without problem.

    Every psu I know of takes in air from the interior of the case and expels it out the rear.
    If the fan is blowing air into the case, the fan is installed reverse to what it should be, and should be RMA'ed.
    To verify proper fan operation, dangle a piece of tissue at the rear of the psu. You should see it blowing outward, not sucking in.
    Do the same to check your other fans.

    To see if case cooling is an issue, take the side covers off, and direct a house fan at the innards. If that solves your shutdown problems, then case cooling is an issue, and a $50 case will solve it.
  3. Install hwmonitor and watch the temperatures of your components. Taking the side covers off and blowing a fan at the insides is a good idea, but actually knowing what the temperatures are will help understand if that is really the problem. My psychic debugging skills tell me that even if you do have a temperature problem, its not because of your case (though a case may improve the situation).
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