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Ok so i have been building computers for a few years now and i was just wondering what parts suppliers everyone uses.
I have mostly been using Newegg but i have also used tigerdirect, and fry's electronics.

I am very curious about the companies that other members have used.

I am always on the look out for other parts suppliers that might have some hard to find parts or parts that are cheaper.
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  1. and

    I chose Amazon because they don't charge tax in my area and they have free shipping
  2. As you said, Newegg is one of the more reputable choices when it comes to the "meat and potatoes" of a system.

    For just about everything else I go to FrozenCPU.
  3. Mostly Newegg, but I found this place that has a lot of fans, lights,cables/adapters, cooling, and tons of other stuff for customizing a pc. Decent pricing, but the shipping is kinda steep if you're east coast, if you are only getting a few small things. It's not too bad though if you are getting a larger quantity of small/light items.
  4. I use Newegg whenever ordering parts. They have much better customer service and return policies than a lot of the other sites as well as fantastic prices. Although if you're looking for mods you should check out FrozenCPU.
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