Intel core 2 quad q8400 overheating!!

My idle is about 50°C, it's already high, but when i turn on Prime for example for testing the temperature goes to 100° in one of the cores and 90° in the others in 30 seconds. The sensor might be broken or the cpu is really burning? I have currently the intel cooler that came with it, which cooler should i buy? I heard CM hyper 212+ is quite good
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  1. Anything over 70ish is freakishly hight.. Try core temp its (free and does not need to install) and look at each core... all the sensors cant be stuck. If only one core is high then it might be bad.

    The hyper is 212 works pretty good. You can also try to simply remove the stock cooler clean it and apply new thermal compound.
  2. I'm using core temp, I have already cleaned thermal compound and replaced it and then took of the dust from the entire thing. I have one side 120mm cooler and one cooler at the back of the desktop, both pushing air away from the internal part. I'm not sure a Hyper 212 will fit, i dont own a big desktop, regular size will fit it?
  3. Running Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool it indicated 1°C under max temp, how is it possible?
  4. Did you ensure that you seated the heatsink properly? Intel heatsinks are such a PITA to install. Check the twist screw things, make sure they are all correctly twisted. Check to make sure the heatsink is sitting evenly on all parts of the CPU.
  5. Hmmm ok. I'm gonna check that
    thank you
  6. Remember the arrows on the black twist clips point to the unlocked state. You want to turn the clips away from the arrow and then push them down to lock.

    Most people think you turn in the direction of the arrow to lock it, but in reality that unlocks it.
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    The plastic frame and pins on the stock HSF deform over time and since you have probably had your Q8400 system for 3+ years, its time probably is up.

    I think everyone I know who has/had a Core2 with stock HSF ran into that problem. It appears to be a systematic flaw/feature of Intel's stock HSF design.
  8. That's actually correct, it's like 3 years old now. I'll just buy a new cooler. Thank you guys for all the help
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  10. otakubr said:
    I'll just buy a new cooler.

    I would recommend something that screws into a backplate instead of something that uses push-pins.

    The Hyper 212+ or 212 EVO are a bit of a handful to work with but they cost around $30 and perform like $60-80 HSFs so they are well worth the trouble if they fit on your board and in your case. When my C2D-E8400's stock HSF became ineffective, I replaced it with a 212+ and have been quite happy with it.
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