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Hey Guys,

My brothers birthday is coming up quick.. and he's pumped for Diablo 3
Mom wants to use this birthday to potentially help him with any upgrades that will make sure he can run it smooth.

SO from a quick snoop I know his machine has...

Asus M3A32 MVP Deluxe mobbo.
Athlon 64x2 Dual core 5200+ 2.71 ghz
4GB ram (3.25 usable)
Radeon HD 5770

I know he wants an SSD, so that is going on the list for sure.
Looking at.. Crucial M4 2.5in SATA III Solid State Drive, 128GB

If he gets a 64 bit windows install he could add ram - is that the next best bet?
Memory express seems to have a limited AMD selection (and only AM3 - not all of which I'm sure would work?)
btw: looking at memory express because we have a local location so I can hopefully pick up the pieces before his bday!! But AM willing to order parts from elsewhere if needed.

Looking at AROUND $400 in upgrade potential... And only want to make upgrades that will be noticeable performance boosts.

Any help/advice is greatly appreciated.
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  1. I looked up that motherboard, and it will support the AM3 cpu's, like an AthlonII X4, or PhenomII X4, but it has to have the latest bios version for it to work

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    Here is the recommended system requirements for diablo 3

    Windows® Vista/7 (latest service packs)
    Intel® Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz or AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 5600+ 2.8 GHz
    2 GB RAM
    NVIDIA® GeForce® 260 or ATI Radeon™ HD 4870 or better

    you probably wont see any noticeable improvements with more ram because 4gb is sufficient to run most games.
    after the SSD, you will probably want a new CPU and graphics card. im assuming youre from canada and these are newegg canada prices

    phenom ii x4 975 BE - 145$ with promo code

    and youd probably want to cross fire your 5770 with a HD 6770 (assuming that your 5770 is capable)

    HIS HD 6770 - 115$ after 10$ rebate

    If you crossfire, the 6770 has to be the primary GPU

    make sure you have a good power supply if you decide to crossfire.
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