First time PC build help!

Hey guys, I want to build my own gaming PC.
I have money but I don't want to waste money either.
I want to overclock for sure and pretty sure I won't SLI, unless you can convince me otherwise.
I do a lot of web-browsing, gaming, and some video editing with Sony Vegas.
I prefer Intel and Nvidea.

I can't decide between i5 2500k or i7 2600k.

HEAT SINK w/ Artic Silver:








SSD FOR OS (win 7):


-This is my "pick what I want without looking at price build" lol I was too lazy to remake my budget one. I want to keep the GTX 580 because it is relativly new, and it recently dropped over $100 :D But not sure how easy it is to overclock your video card (or CPU for that matter), which is why if it is easy, I would prefer the ASUS one for better cooling, if not, the MSI, but please, tell me your opinion.

-Probably gonna drop down SSD to 128 GB or 64 GB, I prefer Samsung because of its great performance and desktop upgrade kit (not sure, but I think it includes some sort of SATA adapter or something). Probably gonna drop HDD to 1TB as well.

-To my really low understanding, I believe that higher RAM frequency (and MOBO) equals higher overclock???

-Please tell me everything I need and don't need, I want to save as much money as I can, but I also don't want to upgrade for a while, every component is open to discussion.

Thanks for the help!
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  1. where to start...

    CPU - save your $ and go with the 2500k. The 2600k may be a little faster in sony vegas, but not much and in game the 2500k is all you'll need.

    great mATX MB. even though you can SLI on it, don't. its very hard to keep the GPU's cool with out an empty slot between card for air to move (most all mATX MB's have this issue). Been there done that with 2 x GTX 570's. I have GTX 590 now and am really happy. A single GTX 580 will be fine for gaming on. SLI is great, but can problematic too. I do some wide screen gaming so SLI is worth is performance wise.

    the Seasonic PSU is top of the line, but overkill for your build (I have 2 of these in my wife and son's Rigs. if you aren't doing SLI you don't need 850watts. a 600-700watt PSU will be fine for a 580 with room to spare. I recommend these:

    As for the GPU. if you want a GTX 580 go with EVGA - lifetime warranty on the "AR" models.

    Stay with the largest SSD you can afford. you will be spoiled by how fast it is and want to put all your games on it. I had a 256GB one and noticed that my steam games alone took up 200GB's. I now have a 512GB Samsung in my rig.

    I'm a fan (no pun intended) of top down cooling. I like getting the air flowing over the MB chipset and ram. so I have be building with Noctua NH-C12P SE14 and CM Gemini II's. both are quiet and cool well.
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