Dv2000 turns on, fans only

A friend of mine asked me to take a look at her hp dv2000 laptop that will turn on, but no screen, no hdd startup, only fans. I believe that it is the graphics chip that is the issue, just want to make sure. any suggestions as to what to do? if it is the graphics chip, I know there is a sort of workaround, but I am not that tech savvy. Would a computer repair place be able to fix? how to know for sure what the issue is?
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  1. does speaker beep at you?
    do you see any red leds on the motherboard light up?

    even with a bad video card you should get happening then just fans.

    you need to provide as much detail as you can.

    yeah a pc repair shop could probably fix it but they will rip your pride out through your wallet! a $50 fix could cost you $200
  2. sorry it took so long to get back, been busy, the speaker does not beep, the blue leds on the keyboard do light up. pc repair shop claims bad mobo, want $160 for used, $250 for new. not even worth fixing if it is bad mobo. when turned on, the only sound is the fans, the led by ac charger is on and blue leds above f keys are on, nothing else. at this point, just thinking of putting hdd in enclosure and using as backup. the system is about 5 years old, do not want to put anymore than necessary into it. pc repair place charged me $35 just to tell me bad mobo. was hoping gpu only. any way to test mobo on own (i.e. without specialized tools)
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