Upgrading power supply for 7970 trifire

Hi guys Im planning on upgrading from my 6970 trifire to 7970 trifire. i want the best quality power supply i can get. Im also adding 4 250 ssd raid 0 and water cool 7970 for oc. heres my specs. dont wanna leave anything out cuz everything takes power. thanks

antec df 85
h100 WC with push pull
maximus extreme z
2600k oc 5.0ghz 1.46V
g-skill 4x4gb 1866 cl9 1.5v
m4 sata 60 iii for os
agility ii 64 new games
1.5t for other games
the two ssd will be replaced with other ssd for raid
6990+6970 tri fire oc but voltage is stock
1200 silent pro PS
X3 24 inch led monitors for 5760x1080p eyefinity

normal addons
phone charger wifi sitck( sisco ae1000)
microsoft wireless reciver for xbox 360 controller(the kids lol)
will be getting razer timate 7.1 soon and will be used constanly with pc
keyboard/ mouse...

thanks for your time.
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  1. I have to ask one question. Why? There is no need for that much. I run @ 5040x1050 and I have 1 HD6990 4GB. I can run any game currently on the market on full ultra settings without any issues. Your 6990 + 6970 is already overkill as it is, I would use your money on a custom liquid build

    To answer your question, Both the 6970 and 7970 use ~250 watts per card, where as a 6990 uses ~375. Granted, this is not under full load (which you wouldn't be)

    Your 1200w should be plenty, so I see no reason to up that either. Good Luck!
  2. Well I have 7970 in corssfire running 5760 x 1080.

    I'm thinking of going 3 x 7970, simply because there are games I play that have FPS drop, Crysis 2, Far Cry3, and one that surprises me ... WarZ and DayZ
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