Cpu disable on computer, what is this

Ran anti virus, said my cpu was disabled on my pc, does this hurt, at times whe I'm chatting withsome on cam, and they turn on their audio, my computer crashes, why
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  1. Uh... if your CPU was disabled, you wouldn't be able to run your computer. What anti-virus did you run? Sounds like a fake anti-virus to me.
  2. Even if it was a fake one, that's the kinda message I've never seen before. weird isn't it?
  3. Agreed. Never saw any error, fake or real or photoshopped, that stated the CPU on a computer has been disabled.
  4. Don't know about the crashing part, but there's obviously no chance that your CPU is disabled...

    It COULD be a fake A/V, in which case it's a virus, and that could be causing the crashes.
  5. jobrien, youi'res probably frying yuor cpu and you don't even know it. please download and install a temp monitor and check the temps on your pc.

    best regards.
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