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PCI Graphics card for dell optiplex 380 SFF

Help Please
I need a Video card to fit a SFF Optiplex 380. resolution needs to be ran at 1900 x 1080. DVI or HDMI VGA, Doesn't matter Although I doubt VGA would go this high ?? A fairly inexpensive one will do (around $100)

I found this one

I think it will work but not sure . I have not dealt with this stuff. Usually use whatever comes with the box. I searched the forum but wasn't able to find anything.

Help is appreciated

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  1. I don't see why it wouldn't work I had a dell Optiples 320 and I had a GT 220 in it. and it worked just fine. That card is not much different than the one you are trying to use. Good luck to ya
  2. As long as you are not planning to game on it(or want to game at the lowest settings you can). The 4350(I have used that card @ 1920 x 1200 over VGA :) ) be should fine.

    I am not sure why that card is so expensive. Picked up an Asus one for under 40(Use it with media center. then replaced it with a 5770 for some games, now back to it to save power.). It is low profile as well, but it IS 2 slots tall(passive).

    Seems older cards just get more costly.

    Some cards here, Just watch the higher end stuff unless you have the power supply for it.
  3. Thanks Nuke for the reply.

    I am in a heavy Industrial plant so we usually ( at least in my part of the plant) don't usually use many graphics. The best I could get out of the Optiplex was 1280 x 1024. It's in a cabinet under a desk in a rather nasty place so I didn't open it or Boot it when I added a 24" monitor.

    The reason the card is expensive is due to the industrial suppliers we must go through due to purchasing rules. They don't mind charging more for many things :cry: . Due to limited resources we don't always make the best deals. But we do know we can depend on the vendors to deliver most of the time. I guess that is worth something. Its hard to explain but that is just the way it is for me.

    Personally I love New Egg I use them for my personal stuff all the time.

    I will look for the cards you recommend they cost much less. Maybe I can find one from one of our suppliers.

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    You should re-boot the computer or it may not detect the new screen(more so if it is over VGA)

    4350 @ 1920 x 1200, so yeah, it works.

    Also had the same screen years back pushing the same resolution on a Geforce 4 MX :) , but that was not too god under media center @ that screen resolution

    Even old cards should do that resolution.

    If you do chance the card, please ensure the computer actually has the PCI-E slot needed. Many older systems will still have good old AGP(like that Geforce 4MX).
  5. It did go to 1920 x 1080 after I booted. I was in a hurry yesterday and didn't think about it. Its W7 and auto-adjusted when restarted.
    I think I need a vacation. Not multiplexing like i used to :sleep:

    Thanks again
  6. Problem solved for free :)
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