Windows Unable to Populate "View Available Wireless Networks" List

But I am connected to the internet somehow. There is no ethernet cord connected to my computer and the ethernet adapter is disabled. Also, when I add an SSID to my preffered networks list, it appears, but once I click OK, and bring up that same screen, it is no longer there. Yet, I am still connected to the internet.

Wireless Zero Configuration is ON

The wireless adapter is ON

I am connected to the internet as I am typing this

How do I get Windows to populate those two lists (the preferred wireless networks and available networks lists)?

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  1. Solution for XP.

    Type in: services.msc
    Scroll down to: Event Log
    Right click it->Properties
    Under: Startup Type
    Select: Automatic
    Click: OK
    Restart your computer.

    That will populate both lists.

    I figured it out accidentally when I went to do a Windows Update. I hope that helps folks who thought turning off Event Log was a good idea (I did).
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